AQT's Checklist

Total solved: 143

Total trying: 14

Progress on Checklist

International Olympiad in Informatics

Progress on IOI Problems

IOI 2021 Candies Keys Parks DNA Dungeons Registers    
IOI 2020 Plants Supertrees Tickets Biscuits Mushrooms Stations    
IOI 2019 Shoes Split Rectangles Line Vision Walking    
IOI 2018 Combo Seats Werewolf Dolls Highway Meetings    
IOI 2017 Nowruz Wiring Train Prize Simurgh Books    
IOI 2016 Molecules Railroad Shortcut Paint Messy Aliens    
IOI 2015 Boxes Scales Teams Horses Sorting Towns    
IOI 2014 Rail Wall Game Gondola Friend Holiday    
IOI 2013 Dreaming Artclass Wombats Cave Robots Game    
IOI 2012 Odometer Rings Scrivener City Supper Tournament    
IOI 2011 Garden Race Ricehub Crocodile Elephants Parrots    
IOI 2010 Cluedo Hottercolder Quality Languages Memory Traffic Maze Saveit
IOI 2009 Archery Hiring Poi Raisins Garage Mecho Regions Salesman
IOI 2008 Printer Islands Fish Garden Pyramid Teleporters    
IOI 2007 Aliens Flood Sails Miners Pairs Training    
IOI 2006 Writing Pyramid Forbidden Mexico Points Black Box    
IOI 2005 Garden Mean Mountains Birthday Rectangle Rivers    
IOI 2004 Artemis Hermes Polygon Empodia Farmer Phidias    
IOI 2003 Maintain Code Reverse Guess Robots Boundary    

Asia Pacific Informatics Olympiad

Progress on APIO Problems

APIO 2021 Hexagon Jumps Roads
APIO 2020 Walls Cities Fun Tour
APIO 2019 Strange Device Bridges Street Lamps
APIO 2018 New Home Circle Duathlon
APIO 2017 Rainbow Merchant Koala
APIO 2016 Boat Fireworks Gap
APIO 2015 Sculpture Skyscraper Bridge
APIO 2014 Palindrome Sequence Beads
APIO 2013 Robots Toll Tasksauthor
APIO 2012 Dispatching Guard Kunai
APIO 2011 Color Path Guess
APIO 2010 Commando Patrol Signaling
APIO 2009 Oil Convention ATM

Baltic Olympiad in Informatics

Progress on BOI Problems

BOI 2021 Books Servers Watchmen Prison Swaps Xanadu    
BOI 2020 Colors Mixture Joker Graph Village Viruses    
BOI 2019 Flash Nautilus Valley Kitchen Necklace Olympiad    
BOI 2018 Polygon DNA Worries Current Genetics Paths    
BOI 2017 Political Railway Toll Cat Friends Plus Minus    
BOI 2016 Bosses Park Spiral Cities Maze Swap    
BOI 2015 Bowling Editor Network File Paths Hacker Tug of War    
BOI 2014 Robber Friends Sequence Demarcation Portals Postmen    
BOI 2013 Ball Numbers Pipes Brunhilda Tracks Vim    
BOI 2012 Brackets Mobile Peaks Fire Melody Tiny    
BOI 2011 Trees Ice Cream Lamp Vikings Meetings Plagarism Polygon Mirroring
BOI 2010 Bears Lego PCB Bins Candies Mines    
BOI 2009 Beetles Candy Subway Rectangle Triangulate Monument    
BOI 2008 Game Gates Magical Elections Grid Gloves    
BOI 2007 Escape Sorting Sound Fence Points Sequence    
BOI 2006 Bitwise Coin Countries City RLE Jump    
BOI 2005 Camp Magic Maze Ancient Bus Trip Polygon    

Central-European Olympiad in Informatics

Progress on CEOI Problems

CEOI 2020 Fancy Fence Roads Star Trek Potion Cleaning Chess Rush
CEOI 2019 Skyscrapers Dynamic Diameter Cubeword Amusement Park Magic Tree Scissors and Tape
CEOI 2018 Cloud Warming Lottery Fibonacci Toys Triangles
CEOI 2017 One Way Bet Mousetrap Bridges Palindromic Chase
CEOI 2016 ICC Kangaroo Trick Match Popeala Router
CEOI 2015 Potemkin Calvinball Pipes Ice Hockey Nuclearia Cal. Again
CEOI 2014 Carnival Fangorn Question `007 Cake Wall
CEOI 2013 Treasure Tram Splot Board Adriatic Watering
CEOI 2012 Jobs Circuit Race Highway Wagon Network
CEOI 2011 Balloons Matching Treasure Hotel Teams Traffic
CEOI 2010 Alliances Rectangle Bodyguards MP3 PIN Tower
CEOI 2009 Boxes Harbingers Photo Logs Sorting Tri

InfO(1) Cup

Progress on InfO(1) Cup Problems

InfO(1) Cup 2020 Table Tennis Trampoline Football Cheerleaders
InfO(1) Cup 2019 CONSUL Costinland Cat Mouse
InfO(1) Cup 2018 Maxcomp DEL13 Hidden Sequence Balanced Tree
InfO(1) Cup 2017 Easter Eggs XOR Sum Binary Subsequences Permutation Recovery

International Zhautykov Olympiad in Informatics

Progress on IZHO Problems

IZHO 2021 Cities Potatoes Chips Unstable Rooms Dendrology    
IZHO 2020 Lines Annoying Nasty DNA KazHackStan Queries    
IZHO 2019 Stones Sort Books XOR Sum Xoractive Segments Lyuboyn    
IZHO 2018 Chessboard Plan Gift Segments Sequence Tree Array    
IZHO 2017 Bootfall Money Subsequence Game Bomb Road    
IZHO 2016 Volunteers Liar Segments Bacteria Checkers Hamilton Cycle    
IZHO 2015 Permutation Matrix Heroes Crystals GCD Magican    
IZHO 2014 Divide Bank Shymbulak UFO Blocks Marriage    
IZHO 2013 Gorlum Cube Schools Spacial Graph Crazy Burrow Words Trading
IZHO 2012 Train Beauty XOR Biochips Ants Apple Route Substrings
IZHO 2011 Triangle Hyper Turtle Stones Odd-even Skyline Collider K-th Path

Japanese Olympiad in Informatics: Final Round

Progress on JOI Problems

JOI 2021 Growing Vegetables 4 Snowball Group Photo Robot Dungeon 3
JOI 2020 Long Neckties JJOOII 2 Collecting Stamps 3 Olympic Bus Fire
JOI 2019 Bitaro Exhibition Growing Vegetable Coin Collecting Unique Cities
JOI 2018 Stove Art Dango Maker Commuter Pass Snake Escaping
JOI 2017 Foehn Semiexp Kingdom Soccer Rope
JOI 2016 Orange Stamp 2 Rail Territory Fault
JOI 2015 Railroad Cake 2 JOI Park Ball Rampart
JOI 2014 Emblem Manju Baumkuchen Glider Cutting
JOI 2013 Illumination IOI Train Mansion JOIOI Bubble

Japanese Olympiad in Informatics: Open Contest

Progress on JOIOC Problems

JOIOC 2021 Crossing Financial Monster      
JOIOC 2020 Furniture Monochrome Power      
JOIOC 2019 Jumps Remittance Virus      
JOIOC 2018 Bubble 2 Catdog Collapse Xylophone    
JOIOC 2017 Park Bulldozer Golf      
JOIOC 2016 Joiris RNA Skyscraper      
JOIOC 2015 Tiles Election Sterilizing      
JOIOC 2014 Factories Fortune 2 Pirate Migration Pinball Secret
JOIOC 2013 Disparity Sync Watching      

Japanese Olympiad in Informatics: Spring Camp

Progress on JOISC Problems

JOISC 2021 Aerobatics Fever Food Court Escape Route Road Construction Shopping Ancient Machine Bodyguard Meetings 2 Event 2 Navigation 2 Reporter 4  
JOISC 2020 Building 4 Hamburg Steak Sweeping Chameleon Joitter Ruins 3 Constellation 3 Harvest Stray Cat Capital City Dango Treatment  
JOISC 2019 Examination Naan Meetings Antennas Dishes Transportations Cities Lamps Timeleap Cake 3 Mergers Minerals  
JOISC 2018 Construction Fences Tents Ascenticism Road Reporter 3 Airline Bitaro Security Candies Library Wild Boar  
JOISC 2017 Cultivation Port Facility Sparklers Tickets Device Railway Coach Mansion Park Abduction 2 City Dragon 2  
JOISC 2016 Matryoshka Memory 2 Solitaire Employment Sandwich Toilets Dungeon 2 Sushi Telegraph Skating Snowy Reporter 2  
JOISC 2015 Copypaste 2 Logo Vegetable 2 IOIOI Cards Building 3 Keys Road AAQQZ Card Game Navigation Inheritance Memory Walls
JOISC 2014 Bus Vegetable Historical Ramen Bottle Friends Stamps JOIOJI Scarecrow Voltage Constellation 2 Kanji Straps
JOISC 2013 Bus Tour Collecting Jamming Poster Construct Mascots Spy Cake Koala Mountain Messenger Presents Spaceships

Polish Olympiad in Informatics

Progress on POI Problems

POI 2019 Club 2 Nonchalance Subsequences Necklaces Robot Dinners Stars Zones Cyclic Shifts Congress Renovation Racing Travels Divisors Ornithologist  
POI 2018 Stone Subway Flood Lawyers Diversity Bike Conductor Transceivers Poetry Fence Numbers Triinformathlon Polynomial Taxis Candy  
POI 2017 Flappy Bird Divisibility Difference Sabotage Tourist Strikes Sum Containers Castle Midas Grades Panini Cook Crossroads    
POI 2016 Hydro Necklace Transmit Nim Water Park Streets Stutter Arkanoid Not Nim Messenger Johny Hedge Club Journey Parade  
POI 2015 Sorcerer Movie Squares Gluttons Seals Necklace Desert Speed Three Car Direction Trous Collector Highway Trips  
POI 2014 Salad Hotels Bricks Couriers Snake Criminals Supercom Little Bird Rally Around Ants Tourist Lamps Panels Freight  
POI 2013 Price Tapestries Multidrink Taxis Takeout Inspector Arch Watering Seafaring Bytecom Maze Colorful Find One Laser Polarization  
POI 2012 Festival Letter Distance Rendezvous Well Tower Vouchers Cloakroom Horrible Fibonacci Auction Salaries Leveling Minimalist Warehouse Prefixuffix
POI 2011 Conspiracy Lollipop Conductor Shift Plot Difference Garbage Rotation Temp Party Inspection Periodicity Contest Meteors Sticks  
POI 2010 Guilds Railway Beads Divisor Test Hamsters Blocks Sheep Teleport Minima Lamp Frog Ones Bridges Pilots  
POI 2009 Fire Pebbles Speedup Elephants Brigade Inspector The Walk Architect Ice Skates Arrays Words Island The Code The Search    
POI 2008 Toll Blocks Postering Robinson Mirror BBB Trains Mafia Escape Kingdom Triangles Plot Station Permutation    
POI 2007 Tourist Offices Trees Symmetry Queries The Flood Rock Megalopolis Tetris Pipelines Weights Driving Blocks Quaternary    
POI 2006 The Disks Periods Professor Tetris 3D Frogs Subway Invasion Postman Ploughing Aesthetics Crystals Palindrome Sophie Teddies    
POI 2005 Cash Points Toy Cars Banks Knights Banknote Fibonacci Template Dicing Doublerow Parties Manoeuvres Camel The Bus Mirror  
POI 2004 Game PIN Strings Spies Competition Gates Cave Passage Tournament Poohsticks East West Islands C-algae Maximal    

USA Computing Olympiad (Platinum & Old Gold)

Progress on USACO Problems

USACO 2021 Cows Spaceship Cowmistry Distances Paths Letters Time Edges Graphs United Cows Schemes Subsets            
USACO 2020 Pie Eaters Snow Cow Tree Depth Cave Paintings Non-Decreasing Falling Portals Delegation Equilateral Triangle Help Yourself Sprinklers 2 Exercise Circus            
USACO 2019 Balance Sort Out Gathering Redistricting Exercise Tracking 2 Cow Date Moorio Kart Mowing Tree Boxes Compound Escape Valleys            
USACO 2018 Standing Out Push a Box Greedy Lifeguards Cow at Large Sprinklers Slingshot New Barn Gymnast Sort Train Disrupt            
USACO 2017 Triangles Team Robotic Herd Promote Tall Barn SubRev Min Cross No Cross Friend Cross Art Grass Cow Basic            
USACO 2016 Max Flow Card Game Haybales Fort Moo Mowing Lights Out Balancing Fenced In CBarn 262144 BCS Landscape            
USACO 2015 Guard Marathon Cow Jog Cow Rect Moovie Grass Hopscotch Censor Fencing Googol Paths Trapped            
USACO 2014 Empty Sight No Change Vacation Opt Milk Shuffle Curling Ski Course Ski Level RBlock Dec Boarding Lazy Sabotage FCount Fair Photo Optics Code
USACO 2013 BBreeds CBS BTree Gangs First Runaway Lineup Island Seating Partition Taxi Route Cow Run Hillwalk Necklace Photo Yin Yang Eight